We supply employers with nothing but the best candidates in the least time. We pride ourselves on our expedite candidate searches and use the vast networking that we have accumulated for over 35 years with the Top producers in the forest products industry. We use all available avenues of candidate searches to expedite your employee search and help you schedule the interview of nothing but the top candidates for full time or part time work. We have the lowest recruiting fees in the forest products industry with a 60 day money back guarantee clause. We supply the Top Wood Jobs to the best candidates.

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Top Wood Jobs can supply either Retained or Contingency Searches:

Retained Search:

Total fee is 20% of the candidate’s first year compensation. 30% of the fee up front to start the search,  30% after the first month of the search and the remainder once the candidate has accepted employment. The retainer will be reimbursed if qualified candidates are not submitted per the agreed upon job requirements. Some guarantees are provided.

Contingency Search:

Total fee is 25% of the candidate’s first year compensation with a 60 day guarantee.

Discounted Searches:

Where multiple placements are provided, discounts can be negotiated.

Part Time Staffing

Part time or contractors are supplied for a 27% recruiting fee. Resumes of contractors are supplied to employers for employers to negotiate their own contract. Top Wood Jobs charges the employer a 30% fee of the contractor’s invoice if the employer should hire the contractor’s services. Top Wood Jobs fees are charge for a maximum of 24 months if the contractor provides services that long, or less. Contractors can include engineers, project managers, process consultants, HR support etc. Basically any human resource required for employers. We do not supply lower pay candidates such as operators, administrative support or maintenance craftsmen for example.

Top Wood Jobs agrees not to recruit any employee from client for 12 months from the last placement (candidate starting date) by Top Wood Jobs to client.

All fees are paid by employers.

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Industries Include:

  • All Primary Processing Wood Products and Forest Industry
  • Biomass Energy
  • Flooring
  • Hardboard
  • I-Joist
  • Laminating
  • LVL
  • OSB
  • OSL
  • MDF
  • Particleboard
  • Plywood
  • Resins and Adhesives
  • Sawmills and Lumber
  • Wood Pellets
  • WPC – Wood Plastic Composites